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The Good News

This good news is summarised in a Bible verse, which we’ll examine closely:

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. John 3.16

For God so loved the world…

There is only one God who created and who rules the world. Everyone has rebelled against his rule. Even so, his basic attitude towards us is one of love.  

…that he gave his only Son…

Rebelling against God’s rule brings the penalty of death. But God sent Jesus to save us from that penalty, by dying in our place on a cross and rising again.

…that whoever believes in him…

We can be reconciled to God, not by doing anything for him, but by receiving Jesus in faith as God’s only Son; that is, our crucified saviour and risen king.

…should not perish but have eternal life.

People who believe in Jesus will live in his kingdom forever. Having said that, ‘eternal life’ starts now as we begin and grow in a new relationship with God.

Church Activities

In addition to Sunday services, our church provides:

  • Children’s Ministry
  • Growth Groups
  • Youth Group
  • Totspot (music playgroup)
  • Ministry / leadership training
  • Pastoral counselling
To inquire about any of these activities, please contact us.

Church Beliefs

Many people are (rightly) interested in the specific things our church believes. As an Anglican Church, we endorse the thirty-nine Articles of Religion (1562). We also endorse the Jerusalem Declaration (2008) of the Global Anglican Future Conference as an expression of genuine Anglican Christianity.

Our Ministers

Michael Baines

Michael Baines has been the Minister-in-Charge of Broome Anglican Church since 2016. He also serves as the Archdeacon of the Kimberley.

Matt Morrison

Matt is our Assistant Minister – Kids and Youth. Before coming to Broome in 2022 he served as Assistant Minister at Dongara-Mingenew.

Chris Webb

Chris Webb and his wife Karen are supported by the Church Missionary Society to develop Aboriginal Christians, especially Christian leaders.

Our Management

Parish Council

The Parish Council manages all church assets (e.g. finances and property) and advises the ministry staff. It consists of the Minister-in-Charge plus group of church members elected or appointed at the Annual General Meeting.

The Diocese

The Diocese of North West Australia is a network of Anglican churches and associated ministries across an area stretching from Kununurra in the north to Dongara in the south. It’s led by a Bishop based in Geraldton.