Maintenance Tasks

This list is designed to make it easier for the wider church family to ‘help with the housework’ (with appreciation for the many ways this already happens). If you have the time and energy to do one of the tasks below, please contact a Parish Councillor (rather than one of the Ministers). A Parish Councillor can let you into buildings / lend you a key if necessary, and report to Parish Council that a task has been done. Please also contact a Parish Councillor if you notice any maintenance or safety issues you can’t immediately fix. Any assistance you can provide will lighten the load on others and strengthen the ministry of our church.

  • Paver Removal (1 hour) There are some large, loose pavers lying around the church property, particularly under the big tree. These need to be removed and disposed of. An ideal job to do if you’re doing a tip run at any point: just swing by the church property and take them away.
  • Weeding (1 or more hours) The church lawn is accumulating weeds, which a few church members have been pulling out as they can, but they could use a little help. Come to the church property anytime, even for just an hour, and pull out weeds inside and outside the fence, disposing of them in the general waste bin.
  • Communion Rail Carpentry (?? hours) This item may or may not belong on this list, but we’d love it if someone were able to make a removable communion rail to connect the big gap that currently exists, so more people can kneel at once. The new rail would need to be a good match for the existing woodwork.
  • Kitchen Tidying and Organising (2-4 hours)  We need one or (preferably) two people to go through the kitchen drawers and cupboards, throw away anything that’s no good (at your discretion, ruthlessness encouraged), wash all items like crockery and cutlery, and put everything away neatly for ongoing use. Done! Thank you Stacey S and Rochelle!
  • Fridge Cleaning and Defrosting (2-4 hours) Over the year, the two church fridges accumulate items and ice that make them harder to use, less energy efficient and less hygienic. The person / people who do this task will have a free hand to keep / throw away / give away any items currently in the church fridges. Done! Thank you Stacey S and Rochelle!