Sunday Service Roster


Term 4 – 2021

A DRAFT roster for Term 4 has now been created (see links below). 

As this is a DRAFT, please let Steve know if you’ll be away on a particular Sunday so he can seek to make necessary changes prior to a final version. 

If you’re not yet on the roster and would like to be added to the roster, please talk with Steve or Mike about this.  

A few new names have been added into various roles (partly as a result of the Mid Year Ministry Drive (MYMD). If you’re not yet willing/able to be included in the roster, please contact Steve (


Please click below to view/download a copy of the latest Sunday Service Roster. 

8:30AM DRAFT (v.1.0) Roster T4 2021 

10AM DRAFT (v.2.0) Roster T4 2021 

Last edit: 14/10/2021


Please note the roster is separated into our two morning gatherings – 8:30AM & 10AM. You may have been placed on a position at either service (i.e. Sunday School assistant). Please check for your name on both rosters. (Sunday School is included only in the 10AM Roster).

For those on Cafe, please see this document for Food Safety Rules.