Sunday Service Roster

Thank you for your service to our church in many different ways. Below you will find further instructions for various roles, as well as links to the latest versions of the roster for both our morning sessions. 

**N.B. A snapshot of those rostered on for the coming Sunday is now included in our weekly eNews only. Please ensure you’re subscribed. **

Further Instructions for various Roles:

For the Bible readers and pray-ers, more information will be provided in a separate email for your role. 

The Steward role is to arrive ~20 mins prior to service start to; 
  • (8:30AM stewards only) We’re requesting please that when you first arrive you setup 3 tables under the shade sail ready for cafe servers. 
  • warmly welcome people as they arrive at the door (hand-shakes not advised), 
  • point people to our Covid Contact Register (SafeWA QR Code or paper-based), 
  • point people to hand sanitiser (we’re moving away from stewards spraying hands of those entering church, to people applying their own sanitiser), 
  • direct people inside to a seat (if possible filling seats from the far (northern) side first), &
  • count our attendance numbers on paper pad. 

After the service has started, please close the western door(s) (library side) and open the southern door(s) (ramp side) to allow late-comers to enter from the side/ramp. 

We need to still maintain a contact register. This is being done either via the SafeWA app, (‘which is an online contact register system that uses QR Codes for patrons and staff to scan to register their attendance’), or via a paper-based system for folks without the app – recording the ‘date, name, telephone number and arrival time of all patrons, staff, visitors and contractors that attend the premises.’

For those on Cafe; in order to help manage our C-19 requirements, you’re ideally serving tea and coffee (& food) to folks on request (i.e. no self-serve). 

The role includes:

  • setting up (a little while before 9:30am) the hot water urn and coffee urn (this needs a good 15mins to brew and seems to work better if plugged into a socket in the kitchen, not outside). 
  • Please provide milk for tea/coffee. 
  • There are some disposable cups, although you’re welcome to use+wash regular cups/plates if you wish. 
  • Regarding food, please provide food that can be individually grabbed by / served to people (i.e. we cannot have shared platters that folks grab their own food from). 

Our recent session time changes have moved our combined cafe to 9:30am (until ~9:55am). It could take a little adjustment with how we finish/pack up food etc, and allow cafe servers to join the 10am service as soon as possible. If folks from 8:30AM service are able to assist, that would be ideal. 

For those on Cafe, please see this document for Food Safety Rules.


January 2022 Roster

Please note Karen Baines is organising the church roster from January 2022.

If you’re unavailable, please seek to swap with someone else on the same role, then notify Karen of your swap.  

Please click below to view/download a copy of the latest Sunday Service Roster. 

Combined BAC roster January 2022

Last edit: 29/12/2021

If you’re not yet on the roster and would like to be added to the roster, or would like to change the role or frequency of when you serve, please talk with Karen or Mike Baines.  

A few new names have been added into various roles (partly as a result of the Mid Year Ministry Drive (MYMD). If you’re not yet willing/able to be included in the roster, please contact Karen or Mike.

Please note the combined roster includes our two morning gatherings – 8:30AM & 10AM. You may have been placed on a position at either service (i.e. Sunday School assistant). Please check the service time for which you are rostered.