To-Do List

We have lots of tasks around the church property that the Parish Council hopes to resolve eventually, but that keen church members could help us resolve sooner rather than later. Please contact a member of Parish Council or the Ministry Staff if you can resolve one of these tasks.

General Tasks

  • Building Washing Washing (e.g. with a pressure washer) the dirt on the outside church building, at least on main door section.
  • Paver Removal Taking away and disposing of large, loose paving stones e.g. the pile under the northern side of the church building.
  • Mesh Removal Removing the green mesh over the two big windows on the eastern side of the building. Requires ladder and two people.
  • Shed Tidying Making things in the shed more accessible / disposing of waste. Contact Chris Webb for guidance cf. sound equipment.
  • Wall Washing Washing the internal dirty walls of the Ministry Centre with sugar soap or a similar product.
  • Weeding Removing and/or applying weed treatment to weeds inside or outside the fence of the church property.

Specialised Tasks

  • Stair Repair Reinforcing main church building stairs and replacing non-slip tape (ideally with a product children can’t easily peel away).
  • Projector Repositioning Devising an (attractive) solution for re-positioning the data projector so that the image fills the whole screen.

Ongoing Roles

  • Podcast Manager Ensuring recording of sermons, adding (standard) intro and outro, uploading to podcast host.
  • Supply Officer Monitoring various kinds of supplies around church (e.g. cleaning, morning tea) and