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Every Christian is called and gifted to engage in ministry or service that builds God’s church (Romans 12.3-8, 1 Corinthians 12.1-31, Ephesians 4.10-16). To help our members do this in a way that maximises everyone’s safety and complies with relevant laws, we ask our members to follow these three steps to get MinistryReady.

1. Agree to abide by our standards.

Our conduct standards are in the code-of-conduct Faithfulness in Service 2016 and our teaching standards are in the Jerusalem Declaration 2008. Complete this step by reading these documents and deciding that you’ll abide by them.

2. Submit a Safe Ministry Check.

You can submit the Safe Ministry Check in hard copy or electronic copy to a member of the ministry staff. You will also need to submit a copy of a valid Working with Children Check (WWCC) card for any role that involves interacting with children.

3. Complete Safe Ministry Training.

Safe Ministry Training is an online course that takes up to four hours (self-paced) and costs $35 (which the church can pay on request). Once you’ve completed it, submit your certificate in hard or electronic copy to a member of the ministry staff.

Once you’ve submitted your Safe Ministry Check (and WWCC card if necessary) and your Safe Ministry Training certificate, we’ll check that everything’s in order, and if so we’ll let you know that you’re MinistryReady™ at Broome Anglican Church. At that point you should seek training for specific ministry or service roles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to do all these things just to help out at church?

The short answer is that these are the steps our diocese and denomination has deemed necessary to maximise the safety of everyone at church. Another answer is that it helps our staff, our church and our diocese be ‘above reproach’ (1 Timothy 3.2 etc.) in the eyes of the community.

Once I’ve done these things am I MinistryReady™ for life?

You will need to complete a (shorter, cheaper) Safe Ministry Training Refresher course every three years. Also, if you go to another church in our diocese, you might not have to re-do Safe Ministry Training, but you will have to submit a fresh Safe Ministry Check to the ministry staff of that church.

How confidential is the information I provide as part of the MinistryReady™ process?

All information will be handled confidentially according to the Diocese of North West Australia’s Privacy Statement and Privacy Policy.

What if I’ve done something like safe ministry training in my workplace or at another church?

The short answer (which most organisations would also give you) is that you still need to do our training. We think that having everyone ‘on the same page’ in this area makes our churches safer. Also, standardised training helps us fulfil our responsibilities to various parties, including our diocese and our government(s).

How can I get training for a specific ministry or service role at the church?

We offer training for various roles throughout the year on an ad hoc basis (e.g. when we see the need / when we have capacity). However, if there’s a particular role in which you’d like to receive training, please contact a member of the ministry staff and we’ll see what we can do.