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Broome Peoples Church is a ministry that aims to share the good news about Jesus in a way that connects with the unique backgrounds of Aboriginal people. We also seek to develop Aboriginal Christian leaders. Most members of the Peoples Church live in Broome, but come from various communities across the Kimberley.
Our services include teaching, prayer and singing – just like our morning services – but in a more relaxed style. As with other Peoples Churches in the Kimberley, the starting time is flexible, most people dress casually, most of the music is ‘country and western’ and we often have ‘testimony time’.
Non-Aboriginal people can come to our Peoples Church services, especially people who live in Broome. We encourage tourists to come to one of our morning services if possible. If you’d like to come to a Peoples Church service, please let us know using the contact details on the home page.
Broome Peoples Church is served by Church Missionary Society (or CMS) workers Chris and Karen Webb who are valued members of the Broome Anglican Church staff team. You can visit their CMS Supporters Page to sign-up for their email newsletter and/or make a one-off or recurring donation to support their ministry.