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Faithfulness in Service

The code of conduct for any ‘worker’ (i.e. anyone who holds any role) in an Australian Anglican Church, clergy or laity, full-time or part-time, paid or volunteer. We expect all workers to read and abide by this code of conduct at all times.

Anyone who seeks to represent our church in any authorised way (e.g. children’s ministry, pastoral visitation, song leading) must satisfy the following standards: (1) Provide (or successfully apply for) a valid Working with Children Check; (2) Complete our Safe Ministry Training (always available online, occasionally provided on-site); and (3) Submit a Safe Ministry Check (a form to complete and return). Documentation related to these standards can be given physically to the Minister-in-Charge or submitted electronically via email (click ‘Contact’ above).

Concerns about abuse related to our church should be reported to Director of Professional Standards Peter Barnett (1800 070 511). Concerns about abuse that is imminent or in-progress should be reported to the police. Concerns about abuse involving a child should be reported to the Department of Community Services.