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Our church’s Youth Group is run by Assistant Minister Matt Morrison (pictured) plus a minimum of one (usually two) volunteer leaders from the church (screened and trained). A regular night at Youth Group involves:

  • Games and other fun activities
  • Some Christian content (e.g. talk)
  • Time enjoying food and hanging out
We don’t assume that everyone who comes along is a Christian and no one is pressured to do anything they don’t want to do (e.g. praying). In any case, it seems like everyone who comes along has a good time!
Around once per term, the group will have a ‘social night’ with an extra-special activity, sometimes off-site. Previous social nights have included a cooking competition, a scavenger hunt and a pool party.
If you haven’t been before, you’re welcome to come any Friday night during school term, with drop-off before 6:30PM and pick-up after 8:30AM, but we recommend contacting us first via the ‘Connect’ page.